Sunday, January 3, 2010

I found an awesome sight lat night while I was looking for a vegan ranch dressing recipe :P I just can't live without mah Ranch lol...its called "I can't believe it's vegan!" and it was pretty cool to see that alot of the stuff I need for recipes are at my local store :D
If it gets a little warmer out today I need to go get me some vegan mayo at the health food store in the town--it was 59 degrees this morning in my house *brrr* I look pretty funny sitting here typing with my hat and fuzzy boots on lol but wth.


  1. Thanks for that link, I'm not vegan but my DIL is and we are always looking for good recipes to have when they come for a visit. Me, I tried vegan back in the hippie 60's when my maharishi counseled me that because our teeth are basically bovine rather than tiger and flesh tearing, we were meant to eat no meat. I lasted about 2 years, really pretty good for me. I could do it again.

  2. Yeah it's an awesome site--makes things a lot easier for someone like me who really can't afford to go to the health food store all the time... Thank you so much for reading and commenting!