Friday, June 21, 2019

New Art and New Babies?!

Our elusive feral friend Pavlov the Kitty is the last girl we have in the colony who isn't spayed.  She is just too smart and impossible to catch... She had disappeared for quite a long time leaving us to believe she was possibly gone for good :(  BUT recently to our great surprise showed up in "the family way" lol.  Well the happy day came and went and lo and behold there are three beautiful baby kitties :     

Pretty good stuff eh?

So new kitties call for new artwork to sell so they can eat and stuff right?  Here is some recently added artwork in the shop, go buy stuff so we can feed and take care of these feral furballs  :D

 Mr. Calico in the Rainy City Folk Art Paper Doll Styled Kitties

 Little Angels

❤❤♥️Thank you for visiting us and helping to support our little feral colony ❤❤♥️

 Hand made Gift Tags

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

I am now selling PRINTS in my Etsy shop:

Check it out!

So it seems that my little shop has been doing pretty good these past couple of years--while I was browsing over this web page the other day I noticed this:

Pretty cool eh?  :D

Friday, September 21, 2018

Paper Dolls

Find them in my Etsy Shop!

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Monday, September 3, 2018

Our Kitties (meet the Fam!)

Have you met my family yet?  No? Well come on in and take a seat, I happen to live with some of the most amazing meowsers you could ever meet :D


Mortie is the oldest kitty we have right now.  She is also the sole survivor of the original orange crew.  Our first feral colony  consisted entirely of orange tabby cats and Mortie was the original Mom!  She was pretty much the "neighborhood cat" and everyone on our street knew and liked her.  Mortie was the first kitty to be TNR'd here (trapped, nuetered and released) and had the honor of being the first Tipped Ear Meowser on Blain Street!  Look at that beautiful and silly clipped ear :D  When a feral cat is spayed or nuetered the vet will clip one of thier ears before they are returned to the colony so that animal control and other folks recognize that someone is loving and taking care of this special kitty cat  

As you can see our lovely Morticia has put on a few pounds in her old age :P
Mortie is now an INDOOR KITTY and has retired to a life of leasure and tuna testing.

Stooch (aka Rushie)

 We like to call Stooch the "Monkey Cat"  and like a true monkey she loves to climb!  Stooch is our only other kitty to survive a housefire we had in which we lost our first feral colony, Mortie is the other.  We had another kitty that lived through the fire but she has left us for the rainbow bridge.   Stooch is Morticia's grandaughter :D  Her father was called Shortie and was the first son of Mortie  so that makes our Stooch super special!  Stooch lived in the house when the construction crews were rebuilding it after the house fire--we had to instruct them to leave a ladder up at all times because she was small back then and would climb up into the rafters of the house and get stuck!  Lol...  Stooch has also been found stuck on our roof and on top of our back yard gazebo.


 One night my daughter and I were walking our old dog Henry around the grass field next to our house.  We noticed something in the grass and though "Oh no, a dead animal!"  Well on closer inspection we saw a very tiny, very young and very ill kitten, we quickly rushed him inside and wrapped him up in a fluffy towel, he was so small that we really didn't think he would make it through the night.  Well he did make it and he got bigger and fluffier and more beautiful everyday!  He is our only indoor male so he is pretty darn special  

He is very well mannered on his leash too!

Mad Sweeney

 Sweeney was a sick baby that we found on our back deck-- she was the runt of the litter and wasn't thiving  AT ALL. So we bundled her up and brought her in.  After a while she was doing a lot better.  She is still a scaredy cat and runs away and hides when we get company but  she is a very loyal and lovable little girl 

Peepee The Cow and Meowlex Jones

 My two beautiful best buddies!  Sisters 4eva ❤❤  These two were part of a litter of four that grew up in a patch of lemon balm that grows next to my front door.  They were our feral mommy Mason's last litter before being tnr'd and I love them to the moon and back.  Such loving, special, funny clowns, they make us all smile every day!  

Meowlex needs a little practice walking on the leash!


Astrid is the newest member of our indoor kitty cat family.  She  was the only kitten to survive her litter and was the first kitten we brought in that was healthy so she has been an adorable little soot sprite for as long as we have known her.  All of the older kitties love her very much and treat her like a little princess, if Astrid cries all the kitties will come running to check if she is ok!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

New art  Meowza!!