Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Pre-New Years Resolution

Argh. Ok I am going to post this because I am determined to go through with it: I want to go back to eating vegan. *Sigh* ok there it is. The reason I stopped eating vegan in the first place was because I had children, and just couldnt keep up with the work I had to do to make my recipes and simply couldnt afford it where I was living. I know these reasons are cop-outs but there ya go. So I now have two lacto-ovo vegetarian children and my husband who is willing to try anything who is also a vegetarian and my goal to become vegan and try to get them to follow my lead. I know that not many people read my blog but if there are any vegan moms out there who can give me some advice, please feel free to share!

At least now there are so many articles and blogs and info on the internet for someone choosing a cruelty free lifestyle--it may not be as hard as I am anticipating. We will see ;)

~♥~♥~On another topic--yesterday I donated 10% of my earnings from my art sales on Etsy to Blind Cats Rescue and Sanctuary :D THANK YOU to all who bought my art and I'm sure those kitties would say thanks (meow) too!~♥~♥~

I am now going to go e-shopping (is that the word for buying things online?) for some much needed food items that aren't available here in our area, wish me luck!


  1. So wonderful!!!! Great that you are going back to veganism, I love it... ;0) Good for you! I have lots of recipes/websites... will send you a long convo soon, also wonderful that you sent in the donation, your charity sounds amazing, be sure to submit them for charity of the month, and feel free to send me a blog write up for the EFA blog anytime, Michele

  2. Thanks Michele :D
    I can use all the info you have!