Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Time to order Custom Pet Portrait Ornaments for Christmas

I make custom Christmas ornaments from polymer clay.  With a photo of a pet I can create one for you! The photos here are some examples of animals I can do and ornaments I've sold.  We have ornaments of our pets and it is always a special and happy time to hang them on the tree and remember fun times we shared with our furry friends.

 These make really unique and  thoughtful gifts.  Turtles, birds, rabbits, snakes, rats, ferrets guinea pigs--any pet you have and love can be made into a custom ornament to save and cherish for years to come.

 Check out my etsy store page :  Kimba's Critters  or email me and we can talk about your pet!  crimson_nimbus@hotmail.com

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