Sunday, November 1, 2015

Etsy? Oy vey.

I forgot how much work goes into selling art online...Hours spent everyday trying to find new ways to get my work seen by people while I would much rather spend that time painting, but what can ya do?  It really seems like it was a lot easier a few years ago before I had started using Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest etc. , I would just list my work on Ebay and people would buy.  If I only knew that the years I stopped selling online would hurt my ability to sell now I would have forced myself to keep selling no matter what!  When my computer broke and I stopped being able to sell on Etsy and Ebay a few years back I lost all of my repeat buyers and even worse it seems like millions of artists have joined the ranks of Etsy Shop owners.  It gets so incredibly frustrating!  Like I was saying--hours self promoting and listing new items everyday and I have had one single solitary sale since I returned to my Etsy Shop.
Ah well as the saying goes, "you live and learn" and I'll be damned if I stop selling now, lol.  So I read this morning that I should have at least 100 items in my shop to hope to be able to compete with other sellers and I think I have around 37 right now heh.

In other news here: I think our feral friend Frankie the fluffiest schizophrenic kitty is pregnant.  She is usually extremely skittish and scratches if you try to pet her but this week she is being Frankie The Friendliest Cat in America and has been spending the day sitting on my daughter :P

New stuff in my Etsy shop, gearing up for Christmas!  Come take a look!


  1. Your work is really cute. Does that feral cat you mentioned have a warm place to sleep? You can easily build a feral cat house with inexpensive materials just google feral cat house. And there are free programs where people will spay the feral cat and her babies. I had a pack of ferals I was feeding fixed and I did the work except for the actual spaying because I wanted to be sure the cats were safe. Now no more new mouths to feed each year.

  2. Hi Barbara! Sorry I just saw this comment... Yes our friend Frankie has lots of home made houses and also can get into and out of our people house when ever she wants to (we had a cat door installed) We are working on getting her trapped and spayed, she is one of the last unspayed kitties in the colony. Unfortunately nothing is free in our city so I sell my art to hep pay for the stuff the feral kitties need. Thank you so much for your kind words and for caring about the kitties :D HAPPY HOLIDAYS!