Monday, November 23, 2015

New Christmas Items at KimbasCritters!

New Ornaments and Brooches are in stock in my Etsy Shop!

 Grey Kitty Cat Brooch
Two new Kitty Brooches!   These look cute on a jacket, scarf or a handbag and make "purrr-fect" stocking stuffers for the kitty lovers  you know  :)

 Orange Kitty Cat Brooch
Two New Christmas Ornaments!   A little Hedgehog and a cute Guinea Pig.

 Hedgehog Christmas Ornament

 Guinea Pig Christmas Ornament
Can you believe it is already THANKSGIVING??  I can't...  The days are going by faster and faster.  One of our feral kitties was sick this week, acting very strange and seemed like she might have been in a fight or hit by a car--she had a pretty bad cut on her mouth and would cry when she ate.  After speaking with the vet and getting some advice she has gotten a lot better and is almost back to her old self again.  Thank goodnes--well now we have something new to be Thankful for on Thanksgiving  :D

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